More About Fab & Boujee Boutique

Buying Trip for Fab and BoujeeInside Fab and Boujee Boutique in Hockessin DEContemporary and High End Fashion Boutique in Hockessin Delaware

Opening in 2017 in Hockessin, Delaware, Fab & Boujee Boutique is the place to find amazing, expertly curated accessories, clothing, wardrobe accents and more! In October of 2018, Fab & Boujee Boutique opened up their NEW Online Boutique to bring their contemporary clothing and their wide array of fashion accessories to All 50 States!

A Letter from Kristen Perrone - Owner of Fab & Boujee Boutiques

Hello Fellow Fashionistas! Welcome to Fab and Boujee Boutiques. I launched Fab and Boujee Boutique in 2017 and I was mainly focusing on direct sales and pop-up events at that time. But I wanted to create an accessory and clothing collection brand that I personally curated, with the help of my daughter, and offer these fabulous finds at amazing price points. My vision is for all women to have access to a fun, feel good wardrobe and accents that are affordable but high-end. In October of 2018, I continued to expand my business with the addition of a Fab and Boujee Online Boutique. On March 2, 2019, I opened my first brick and mortar location in my hometown of Hockessin, DE, featuring contemporary clothing and a wide array of fashion accessories. Prior to developing the Fab and Boujee brand, I had worked in healthcare administration for over 20 years.

The development of Fab and Boujee has been the perfect blend for me to utilize my business expertise and love of fashion! If you should have any questions about any of our products please feel free to email me directly at

Thank You and Stay Fab & Boujee!

~ Kris P.