Large Silicone Pouch in Gold. Holds multiple items. Paired with the Mini Silicone Pouch.
Large Silicone Pouch
Rose Gold
Large Silicone Pouch in Tuxedo Snake Skin
Large Silicone Pouch

Large Silicone Pouch

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The Large Silicone Pouch is a versatile, everyday essential! You can clip it onto a Big O® Key Ring to create a hold-it-all, hands-free wristlet. The pouch is made of a lightweight, water-resistant silicone. It has a durable, yet flexible, jelly texture.

Designed to be the perfect size, it holds an iPhone, sunglasses, and all of your cards and cash, without being clunky. 

Every Large Silicone Pouch also comes with a removable carabiner. This allows you to quickly and easily clip it onto a Big O® Key Ring. You also can use this pouch within your tote bag as a compartment to organize your most important things.

So whether you’re running errands, carting the kids to after-school activities, or leaving the office for a quick lunch break, you can rely on the Large Silicone Pouch to keep your essentials together, within reach, and out of the way.

  • Hold-It-All Size - At 9 x 6 inches, it is compact, yet spacious.
  • The large size can hold an iPhone, sunglasses, face mask, mini hand sanitizer, ID case, secrets, and more.

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